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Onscreen words mean that everyone can join in singing the catchy and distinctive songs, while looking at stunning photos of our Earth’s amazing scenes and wildlife!

Blooming Gorgeous

Life in the day of a garden

Gentle Beasts

The Animals' Nativity

Hooray for the Little Red Hen

Sharing food and workloads

Minibeast Madness

Look after our Minibeasts!

Ocean Commotion

Sea Creatures to the Rescue!

One Planet Future

We can all help to cut down waste!

Rainbow Spectacular

Working together to put on a great show!

The Emerald Crown

A Rainforest Adventure

Big Momma

A Life in the Day of an Elephant


Make a song and dance about the world!


Bigger than the Earth and smaller than a raindrop!


A life in the day of elephants!

Colour & Light

Mixing together to put on a show

Endangered Species

When the last one's gone!

Food Chains

The circle of life goes round and round!


The Earth needs minibeasts!


Time for a takeaway!


Life in the Day of a Garden!


Rainforest Creatures to the Rescue!

Sharing Food

Sharing food and workloads

Space Travel

A Trip to the Moon

Sustainable Energy

Meet the Real Super Powers


Think of Tomorrow's World

The Little Donkey Who Said Yes!

Every Creature Plays a Part

The Shepherd Who Cried Wolf

Beware of telling tall stories!

Three Wise Camels

The Long Journey to Bethlehem


Cut Down Waste!